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Scored a new old Axe!

While I typically do not go to antique stores to buy old tools, I did on a chance last week when I was in a neighboring town about a half hour from home. They were going out of business and a lot of stuff was already gone, but I did find this old axe for $15. It is a pretty nice axe. The edge is in good shape and the steel is still nice and hard. A file slides off of it without digging in, so no one managed to mess up the temper. I also re-wedged the handle and it is now rock solid.

Here it is from the shop:

Here is a close up of the head:

Here is a picture showing how straight and parallel the head is to the handle:

I then sanded the whole handle with 80 grit to clean it up a bit to remove a few pieces of raised grain. I also just did a quick pass with a wire brush on the head:

Then I added a new coat of BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil):

Here is the edge of the axe after hitting it with a flap sander on the angle grinder:

And here is a photo of it happily at home with my other chopping tools: