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Last night I was unable to sleep. I just laid there in bed for many many hours with my mind going around and around. These are the worst kind of sleepless nights. Not only do you not get sleep, but your mind gets exhausted from all the thinking.

Anyways while laying there, I started to think about how I can remember all the floor plans to every house I ever lived in since I was 3 years old. Now to most people this would not be a big deal since the average person only grows up in one or two houses. My family however lived in the true nomadic lifestyle. I started counting all the places I have lived and ended up with 31 different houses in my 31 years of life. That is something that I think is probably pretty unique. Growing up we moved all the time, and I guess that after I left home I just kept the tradition.

Back to the floor plan thing. I can vividly remember the layout of all those houses even when I was as young as 3 years old. This is kind of amusing to me because I can not and never have been able to remember any of the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I can remember exactly how those songs sound and hum all the instruments but not the lyrics. I suppose this works well for my interests however, as I can look at a picture of something and reproduce it by memory with very little variance. It also gives me an ability for detail which I have found very useful.

Well that was a little off topic but felt like sharing it none the less.