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I am home hanging out with the kiddo today and getting bored, so I thought I would share a new knife I received in the mail yesterday.  It is a Kero carving knife that a fellow on the Bushcraft USA forum sent it to me as a Christmas present.  I thought that was pretty cool.

It is a pretty nice little knife.  It appears that he put a micro bevel / secondary bevel on the blade.  It may have come this way but I suspect that it was originally a scandi grind.  I might leave it this way or at some point work it back to a scandi grind.

I sanded the handle and gave it a good coat of BLO (boiled linseed oil).  I used it a little for some carving tests, and while it is pretty sharp, is does not carve as well with the secondary bevel as a regular scandi grind does.  I might use this knife as a general bushcraft knife and not a dedicated carver.

It has a really nice leather sheath for it as well.  This is the first scandinavian sheath I have owned.  While it does not have the regular belt loop we are used to, it does have a leather thong to put it on your belt.

I think I am going to enjoy this little knife.  I plan on taking it out with me next time I head into the bush.