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I received a copy of Drew Langsner’s book entitled Green Woodworking for Christmas from my wife.  I have spent some time reading through it and find it is a good reference for green woodworking.  If you are new to this craft I would highly recommend this book.

While this book is out of print you still can get used copies from places like Amazon.com.  This copy is in pretty good condition other than the dust cover.  I ended up taping the dust cover back together.  It may not be the prettiest thing around, but it is still functional for keeping the books hardbound cover clean.

In this book, Langsner goes into detail about various tools and methods for green woodworking.  The book is broken down into three parts.  “Part One” contains two short chapters which talk about what green woodworking is, and how it relates to different cultures.  “Part Three” has a chapter on different profiles of people Langsner has met in the craft of green woodworking.  There are also plans for a shaving horse and directions for making bark seats under this section.

The section that is of the most interest to myself is “Part Two”.  In this section there are eight chapters that deal with materials, knife-work, hewing, riving, shaving, boring, bending, and joinery.  These chapters give a good foundation for the tools required for green woodworking and their usage.  At the end of each chapter there is a project that will put the tools and techniques that you learned to use.  This is helpful because not only do you read about the techniques, but you also get a chance to try them out on a project that is outlined in detail.

Overall I would say that this is a well thought out book.  I personally think that if you are interested in green woodworking, you should have a copy of Drew Langsners Green Woodworking on your bookshelf.