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Here is a purse net that I made with the net needle from my last post.  I made this net from #18 nylon twine.  It has a 1″ brass ring on each side.  These give you something to start and end the netting on.  They also provide a loop for the tightening cords to cinch the net down around the small game you are going after.  I also hand forged a spike to be used for staking it into the ground.

Here is the net in its deployed position.  This is the way the net would be laid over a rabbit hole.

The net stretched out.

Detail of the brass loop and the way the net is attached to it.

There you have it.  A net that could be used for catching small game.  When rolled up, these nets are pretty small and do not weigh very much.  You could easily throw it into your pack for catching small game in a bushcraft role or a survival situation.  I guess it is popular for Brit’s to go after rabbits with these nets.  From the video’s I have seen, they are very successful at it.

Overall this net took me about two hours or so.  Not bad considering that I double knotted every knot and it was my first attempt at making a purse net.

I hope that you enjoyed the little write up.  If you have questions or if you just enjoyed this post, please leave a comment.  I would enjoy hearing from you.