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Here is a Condor Woodworkers Axe that I have been using since Christmas. It is well made and a heck of a deal for the price.

It comes well packaged to protect it during shipping, and is complete with a leather sheath. The head weight is 1.5lbs and is fitted with an 18″ long handle. The dimensions of the head per Condor’s website is 6-3/16″ by 3-1/2″. However the actual dimensions of my axe is 5-1/2″ long by 3-3/8″ wide. I am not sure why there is such a difference between what they list and what I have, but it is rumored that there might have been a change in the design for this years model.

Straight and good taper on the head:

Nice grain running parallel to the blade:

Choking up on the blade:

Here you can see that the blade is parallel to the handle and not twisted. The light is reflecting off of the left side making the top look a little off but it is not.

Overall I like this axe pretty well. I am mostly using it to split and rough out wood for spoon carving and other things that I do. It works really well in the splitting department but there are a few things that would make this tool better for carving or roughing out spoon blanks. One is that the blade could be ground back further to produce a thinner edge and wider bevel. That would give you more control and make cutting easier. The other thing is that the handle could be thicker in the middle and thinner near the head. The narrowness at the middle of the handle causes the axe to roll in your hand when roughing out a wood blank. This in turn makes you have to grip the handle tighter than normal which causes my arm and wrist get more tired when using this axe compared to others that I have. At some point I plan to re-handle it and fix this problem.

Aside from those two things, I like the Condor Woodworkers Axe and would say that it is a great deal for the money. I would venture to say that this is a good alternative for people who would like a good hatchet or axe at a fraction of the cost of a Gransfors Bruks or Wetterlings axe.