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I had a little time yesterday to mess around and do some blacksmithing. I decided that since I had never tried making a fork that I should give it a shot.

The books I have suggest using either round rod or square bar that is at least 3/8″ to 1/2″ in diameter and I can see why after making this one from 1/4″ rod. The smaller diameter makes it harder to split the end and draw out the tines for the fork. Regardless I ended up with a nice hot dog fork that I can use on our backyard fire pit.

The handle was one that I made several months ago for a spoon knife that I had planned to make but never did. I figured that it would go well with this fork. The overall length is 28.5″ so I do not have to worry about burning my hands while cooking a dog over the fire.

Overall I am quite happy with it and plan to get some larger stock to make a set for the house. Thanks for looking.