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For some time I had been wanting a smaller axe for using around the property and for taking out camping. I did a lot of searching and decided on the Council Tool Boys Axe which is listed as having a 2.25 lb head and a 28″ handle. This is a nice size axe for bushcraft, limbing, and felling of smaller trees. I found one from Omaha Knife and got it for right around $30 shipped. Not bad at all for an American made tool.

There were some handle issues, mainly that the eye had been cut off to one side just a little bit. This is really not a big deal because all I had to do was carve the handle down on one side to even it out. Here are a few pictures as I received it.

After a little work and customization this is a great little axe. Don’t let the offset handle keep you from buying one of these. This was probably just a fluke as I have yet to see another review showing the same thing. However, like most tools now days, I expect that it will be less than perfect from the factory and that I will have to do a little work to get it to my liking.

Also, you really couldn’t expect it to be perfect for only $30 shipped. I have paid hundreds of dollars for tools that required more work than this one, so this was not that big of a deal. I guess this is one reason that I bought the Council Tool Boys Axe, because spending more has not always paid off for me.

I will post some pictures of how it looks after I reworked the handle and did a little file work to the bit.

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