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There are a few woodworking books that I would really like, but will never buy new because of the ridiculous prices. I am not sure why these cost so much but it is a little crazy to ask one thousand dollars for a book. I could see if it was Einsteins journal or something but come on, $1000 for a woodworking book? The Amazon listings do not say that these books are out of print, but they must be for the prices to be so high.

Here are the two books that are a thousand dollars on Amazon.com.

Green Woodworking: A Hands-On-Approach by Drew Langsner $944.21 new

Swedish Carving Techniques by Wille Sundqvist $1374.02 new

Green Woodwork: Working with Wood the Natural Way by Mike Abbott $266.78 new

The last book is only a quarter of a thousand dollars but still that is very steep for a book of this type. It is a shame that these books are so much money. Granted you can get them used, but you still are going to spend $80 to $125 for each of them which is more than I am willing or able to justify spending on a book. If these books are out of print it would be nice if the publishers would bring them back. If they are not out of print I would be interested in why they are so expensive.

Well, I can dream I guess, but I will have to try to find other ways to learn what are in these books as I will not own them any time soon. If anyone has an extra or unwanted copy of these books and would be willing to loan or sell them a bit cheaper please let me know. If a loan situation was possible I would pay shipping both ways.