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For a while now I had looked for a short-handled hatchet to use for carving and rough shaping of wood blanks. I had previously tried out the Condor Woodworkers Axe and was not really satisfied with its use for this task. It was a little too light weight and the bevel of the cutting edge was too rounded and wedge-shaped. With a little work it is a decent general purpose hatchet for splitting and so forth, but not up to the task for the carving and roughing of wood blanks.

Mueller Carpenters Hatchet:

This spring I ran across a Mueller Carpenters Hatchet that I decided to order and give a try. Overall I have found it to be a pretty decent hatchet for the money. The head weighs 2.25lbs and is 15″ overall in length. The bit is 5″ wide and quite thin which makes it cut very nicely. Again as with most of the tools I buy I did a little work to it to fine tune things.

The blade was sharpened a little uneven which required me to file it at various places on each side to straighten out the edge. As it was the edge was a bit wavy when looking at it straight on. I also removed the paint from the head and the clear coat from the handle. I then applied several coats of BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) to the handle to seal it up.

This is how it came from before I did anything to it. Here you can see it in all its glory, covered in stickers and painted blue.

Here she is after I did the work that I talked about above.

Overall now it is a great axe for carving or hewing. It is a little on the heavy side for long sessions of carving but it works quite well. The one thing that I would like to modify on it at some point is the nail pulling claws on the back. I would like to completely remove them and thin out the handle just below them to make it more comfortable to choke up on. I will get around to this one day when I need to rehandle it. Until then I will keep the claws. Who knows maybe they would come in handy one day. They do pull nails better than any of my Estwing hammers.

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