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One of the things I would like to build this year is a pole lathe. I had originally wanted to build a treadle lathe, but right now I am too busy to take on a project like that. So I figure a pole lathe would be a fun project that would be relatively simple to build in my spare time.

Basically I am thinking of something simple that could be build with the scrap 2×4’s I have out in the shed. From what it seems you can build a pole lathe from just about anything and it will work.

Here is one sort of like what I was thinking of building.

pole lathe

The other thing I will need is turning tools. I have heard mixed things about tools and thought I might ask to see if anyone has suggestions. I have read that the tools for powered lathes typically are not what you want for a foot powered lathe. Is this correct? Are there certain tools that I should have that I could forge on my own?