Today is the one year anniversary for my blog so I thought I would give a quick summary and thank everyone for your comments and for joining me on my blogging journey.

I am one of the few that has made it past the one year mark of blogging. Apparently the statistics put out by blog companies say that between 80-90% of blogs do not make it past the first year. I had a few lags in my posting more than one month, but I am still here and kicking. I have found that I really enjoy the blogging experience more than other forms of Internet sharing. I have tried forums and they just do not motivate me like a blog does.

I had over 16,000 views, 5,000 of which were just last month, due to the fact that I have posted more again. I know views are not what make a blog, but it is a motivator to keep posting as you know people are looking at your blog. The part that really makes me enjoy blogging is the comments that I receive from viewers. So far I have had 133 comments, about half of which were my own, as I strive to reply to all comments.

I have posted 45 blog entries in seven months. During the other 5 months scattered in between, I was being a slacker and was too distracted by life to do much blogging or traditional skills. Life happens though, and it is good to still be here.

Again, I share this to thank everyone for following my blog, commenting, and giving me inspiration to continue the good fight. With any luck I hope to still be blogging next year.