Today I was searching for my blog’s name on Google just to see where my blog has been mentioned, when I ran across another guy that started blogging with my blog name some time after me.  I don’t know if this was intentional or not but that is not cool.  People really should search the Internet before deciding on a blog name.  I tend too think it must have been intentional, because if someone was to Google “Traditional Skills”  my blog is the first entry to show up, so it would not be that hard to see that that my unique blog name had been taken.

According to trademark attorney Mary-Alice Pomputius, “Assuming that your use of your blog name doesn’t step on someone’s else’s toes, you start accruing what are called “common law rights” in your blog name when you start using it, and you can sue in court to enforce those rights. ”

Should I seek a common law rights violation against them? Am I over reacting? I have plans for this blog and do not want someone else using my name. One of those plans is for using it as my school name in the future.

I may sound like a jerk for ranting like this but I am sure that if anyone reading this had the same thing happen with their blog they might be a little upset as well. I just wanted to see what others thought.