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By day I fly as a carpenter and can’t get away from power tools. Seems like every task has been turned into one that people think you absolutely need some sort of powered equipment. I use some hand tools on the job and people look at me like I am crazy. I have had a lot of people refer to me as old school which is kind of funny since I am only in my 30’s.

I have been building my inventory of hand tools, and for the most part prefer not to use power tools when I am doing my own projects. I just like the skill needed and the interaction with the wood when using hand tools.

Lincoln’s Boyhood Home

We recently sold some real estate, and I am dreaming of building a non powered shop one day when we find some land to purchase and homestead on. The woodworking shop I have in mind would be fairly small so as to be quick and easy to build. Being smaller would also make it easily heated with a small wood stove like the Jotul F602 CB that I have in my current shop. I am thinking that a 12 x 16 log cabin style shop built with logs from our own land would fit the bill nicely. Perhaps it would also have a large attached overhanging roof for working outside in the summer.

Maybe I could have a small solar panel for charging a battery just to run lights, or perhaps get really crazy and go with only lanterns. That may not be supper practical, but it would be enjoyable. Every time I would walk into the shop it would be like stepping back into time.

Sounds like fun. What do you think?