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Today I’m not on a job site, so I am hanging out at home with my son. During nap time I was looking at some videos on handsaws and ran across this video by Paul Sellers on sharpening handsaws.

He uses a different technique than what I am used to. He changes the rake angle from a less aggressive cut at the toe of the saw to a steeper more aggressive rake at the heel or the handle end of the saw. This makes it easier to start the cut with the tip of the saw and then gives you an aggressive cut at the heel of the blade where you can apply the most power into the cut.

He also puts a microbevel on the back of each tooth saying that it strengthens the tooth and gives a longer time between sharpening. I might try this on one of my saws to compare to a fixed rake saw.

What do you guys think? Have you filed your saws this way? Love to hear your thoughts.