I have noticed a trend on Amazon recently. It seems that the new thing is to sell new or used books for completely ridiculous prices. Often the books that I am looking for are in the several hundred dollar range which I think is way too high. However this pricing seems to be the new norm on Amazon. The days of reasonably priced used books are gone.

Just for kicks I decided to search all books and then sorted by “Price: High to Low”.
Low and behold I found this book, “Footprints”, listed by a company named Orange Biscuit Books for only $999,999,999,996.00

Well I just had to have it because it must be a rare correctable. Must be better then the Mona Lisa, right? I mean this book is billions more than her (999 Billion to be exact), so it must be worth the investment. I couldn’t help myself, I added it to my cart and emailed the seller asking how to pay for it since my credit card does not allow trillion dollar charges.

Hopefully I can just send a check in the mail. 🙂