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My wife and I have been looking for a piece of land to create a homestead on for years.  This is something we have each longed for since childhood.  We moved out of Alaska a few years back hoping to find property and start living a more agrarian lifestyle, but things did not work out quite the way we wanted.

So several years later we are up in Minnesota looking at properties.  It seems like we have found the right location and property to suit the lifestyle we have been hoping to live for such a long time.  Looking at land has been such a huge part of our existence the past 8 years.  It is nice to finally have found the ideal property.  So after looking at around 40+ parcels of land we have found a plot of 40 acres that we are having the paper work written up as I type this to put in an offer to purchase the property.

The property is exactly what we have been looking for.  It has about 15 acres of good field, and 25 acres of good wood lot with a wide variety of mature oaks, sugar maple, ash, poplar, cottonwood, aspen, pine, and a few others I did not recognize.  There is a small stream running between the middle of the property that divides the woods from the field.  It is zoned as agricultural so we can operate a small organic farm if we want and keep whatever animals we wish.

It feels good to finally have located the right property but there is still a lot bit of work until we can get things wrapped up.  We are hopeful everything will work out.

This will be the only post in the next week or so as we are pretty busy.  In a little while I will start my regular posting, and continue the series on making a wooden block plane.   Until then keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Image Notes:  The first three photos were taken in the spring by the realtor and the last two were taken by me yesterday.  The woodlot is located to the left of the field.