Fall is here again and it seems I have been lax on my blog posting. I have an excuse though as I have been fairly busy. We have no sitter for our son so my wife and I are working opposite each other so one of us can stay home and watch him. This has left me with fewer days then I would like to actually get things done in the shop and write. Not to mention that my computer has crashed more then once in the past month requiring me to reinstall my operating system three times. I think there is a hardware problem and that I might be on a path to computer oblivion.

Seems like electronics have been my nemesis at the moment. Case in point in the middle of writing this as a rough draft, my tablet app for WordPress decided to publish what I had up until this sentence. Oh yeah my back up network hard drive decided to die as well. Luckily it was a dual hard drive RAID set up so my info is also on one good hard drive, but I need to remove it to get access to the data as it will not allow me to with one dead disk. I feel like I am being told to stop using modern electronic technology, but I enjoy blogging so what am I to do?

Anyways, I often feel that I have to be sharing something instructive and include photo’s and not just post my thoughts. However I think that would add more for my readers. Hopefully this doesn’t just come off as a rant.

So, what have I been up to beside work and computer madness? Well, I have been caving. I have half a dozen spoons that are mostly complete but need final carving and finishing. I have several completed spoons that I need to post as well. A few days ago I also went out with my wife and son to harvest more wood for spoon carving. So in a nut shell I have been working on spoons.

We have another child being dropped off by the stork in the next month and then I am sure things will get really interesting. Did I mention that we are planning a move this summer out to some property we just bought? The property is nice but is about 20 hours away so getting there will be an adventure especially with a three year old and a 5-6 month old baby. It is just raw land so we will also have to set up a temporary living structure until we can build our house with our own hands.

If there is one thing that our family knows us for, it is our adventurous spirit and that we are often doing crazy things that most people will never do. A good example is moving out of Alaska and living in a 16 foot flatbed trailer that we enclosed to move our belongings in. Then it was turned into what I called our hobo home prior to buying the home we live in now. About three months living in a field by a river in a hobo home was hard to say the least, but fun. If there is a way to find adventure we are there.

So there you have it. When not writing blog posts, that is what I am up to. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks to those of you that have subscribed to my adventures. There will be plenty more crazy things you will read about in the next year if you stick with me.


P.S. – Did I mention that I am also working on a book?