Well we just put our house on the market yesterday and had a showing today and already entered into a contract to sell it. I was hoping for a little more time to sell it and get ready to move but it is good we are selling it. I am surprised that it sold in one day of being on the market. That is cool though.

So now the journey really begins. We have to get packing and work towards getting out to our land. This is going to make getting there a little harder since we will not have gotten a temporary building put up yet out at our property. I guess we will be living in a tent for a little while this summer. That wont be the first time, but it will be the first time with kids.

Whoo, I am feeling a little amped at the moment. Things are moving a little quicker than I thought they would. Time to get into high gear and finally make this happen.

I will give updates to let everyone know how things are going. I probably wont be doing any other kinds of post other than a quick update here and there because things are going to be crazy. My biggest concern is moving my machine shop. That will be fun!! :-0

I will post more later.