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I just wanted to do an update to let everyone know what is happening.

We made it up to our property in northern Minnesota back in the middle of July. We spent 6 weeks camping on the property in a tent with our two small children while we got all the permits and so forth filed and approved for building.

Then my father and brother came up and spent about two and a half weeks helping me get the place framed up and dried in. We did everything from the concrete up ourselves.

I would like to have posted a few blog posts during that time but living in a tent with a small child and baby did not give me much time to do it, let alone the ability while living without electricity or so forth.

For the past week we having been in the cabin shell and working to get things ready for the winter. There is so much work to be done and the temp’s have been getting below freezing at night already. Without insulation it has been in the low 40’s in the cabin which is hard with the kids.

I am going to break down the cabin building process into several parts and try to catch up to where we are now. I am working on that series of post right now and should start getting them up this week.

For now here is a picture of our story and a half 16×28′ cabin we are building on our 40 acres.


This is just the beginning and we hope to have a small scale organic farm set up in the next few years. There is going to be a lot of exciting things coming up in the new few years so keep watching and follow us on our journey to a more sustainable and hands on lifestyle.


P.S. – If anyone is interested I am typing this on a tablet sitting at a card table using an old Rayo oil lamp as light. I tried uploading a picture but this old tablet is extremely frustrating and nothing seems to be working right. Plus I am trying to get this thing to work over a spotty wireless space connection.