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I just thought that I would show everyone how I am publishing this blog right now while we are off the grid.

Since we have no electricity on the property we are using a tablet and wireless satellite thing to get onto the internet. Not really sure how that works but it does.

As night falls the kiddos head to bed and we get a few hours of quiet time that consists of planning and working out the next days work. When that is done I sit down to write at a flimsy card table with 1920’s Rayo Kerosene lamp and a tablet that does lot of weird things.

It definitely makes things interesting as the sounds from outside come in, the Rayo Lamp radiates heat on my face, and the tablet randomly does whatever it wants as I type.

Since leaving our home and coming out here I have felt very much at odds with technology. From the get go when we were packing up after selling our house, we started having problems with our modern machines. One truck had electrical problems that caused run issues, while the other had its muffler blow up and leaf spring break.

The day we got here to our homestead, our four wheeler decided that it no longer wanted to run despite having less then 100 hours on it. Our lawn mower would not start to clear a spot for our tent, and when as a back up we tried the year old Echo weed wacker, it failed to run as well.

Soon after that both our laptops died within a day of each other for no apparent reason followed by our small 12vdc to 120vac inverter.

So all that to say that I am struggling with the fact that I question keeping the technology in our life as it seems like the more we lose these things the better off we are for it. It simplifies things while removing some of the stress of an already very stressful situation.

We supposedly have this technology to make life more simple, but what it really does is complicate things and cause stress where it is not needed. It has been freeing in a lot of ways and I am kind of nervous about having a house where these things might creep back in. Granted if we have electricity it will be via solar, and our water will still come from a hand pump well, but living simply in tents on our property has stripped away much of what modern society has imposed on us and it really feels pretty good.

Belongings are starting to lose their importance to me and I do not fear the loss of what I have. That was my biggest fear leaving our old house. I had worked and saved for so long to build the machine shop I had always wanted. For nearly ten months before leaving I stressed out so much about what I was going to do to move and store the equipment that needed fork lifts and semi trailers to move.

Now tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment is sitting in a storage over a thousand miles away and the stress and anxieties associated with this “Stuff” is gone completely. Do I want to have it back and build a shop to put it in and use again? Of course, but if I never see it again…….., well, whatever. That sounds really bizarre to read after writing it, but things are changing for me. My focus if redirecting and my priority’s are changing.

Interesting don’t you think. All that because I was going to post one picture of my blogging set up . I suppose I will do that now.


There you have it. I started this as a short post and got all lost in thought about a simple lifestyle decluttered of stuff and technology. We can build a better future with less and I intend to prove that. Stick with me and lets see where we go from here.

Take care — Dave