I have been thinking about this for a long time. Years in fact. Let me tell you a secret. I like writing! I do, I really do. However a lot of what I want to write about is everyday stuff. Well not every day stuff for most people, but everyday stuff for my crazy life.

"Saftey Point" Nome, AK - Photograph copyright © 2007 David Sims

“Saftey Point” Nome, AK – Photograph © 2007 David Sims

Let me give you an example.

My wife and I started building a house on an old farm we bought this last summer. We lived in a tent on the back of our 40 acre field with our 6 month and 3 year old children. For the first two months camping off grid in a tent like this we experienced a lot of crazy things. Get ready for a long list that screams run on sentence.

These are a few things that happened while living in our tent: a nearby tornado that almost blew our tent across the field, necessitating us bracing the sides of the tent for nearly an hour to keep things put, downpour after downpour that literally left our tent floating in flooded field, mosquito’s that were worse then anything I ever saw in Alaska (they formed clouds that covered us and our children as we ran from our sleeping tent to the screen tent we used for cooking), sleeping in one room with two small children for months, having coyotes and wolfs wandering around our camp at night, planning a house, building a house, having my dad and brother come up and live in their tents with us for 3 weeks while we framed the house, getting in the grove with the environment around us, etc.

Whew, I told you that was going to be a long sentence. Anyway, my point is that I have a lot of things I would enjoy sharing with you and others, but I usually do not because it is off topic to this blog. Part of me feels that keeping the blog strictly craft oriented is best, but I feel that both you and I am missing a lot of  things I would enjoy writing about.

Perhaps the hard core readers would be turned off to see me talking about how I nearly lost our tractor in the creak, or how the sunset makes me feel at the end of the day, or how I really feel about finally getting to build my own house on my own property (Its HARD!). However I feel like these are the things that I have passion in talking about and writing about. A more creative side to writing then the documentary / how to style I typically write.

Now don’t be alarmed. I am not talking about abandoning the current format of my blog or doing away with the crafts and skills I regularly write about. I am just talking about adding more content that is life related but not necessarily Traditional skills.

Homesteading, gardening, raising animals, photography, life, building a home, kids, nature, and other interests are something I would also like to share.

What does everyone think? Would you stick with me if I decide to go this route? Would this make you less interested or more interested in reading my blog?

Please comment and give me your thoughts. I would greatly appreciate it.