As usual my busy life has cut into this blog. With building the house I have not had much time for any of my hobbies. 

That past week while visting my wife’s parents, I started playing around with watercolor painting. This is something I have wanted to try for a while. My father in law, Phillip, who is a fantastic watercolorist and acrylic painter, gave me a little lesson in watercolor painting. 

Phillip gave me some nice brushes and paints as well as this paper and some 140lb paper I am waiting to try out after I get a little experience under my belt. This will get me going and I am thankful for the help in getting started. 

I had a good time with him and I am inspired to start playing around with watercolors in the evening after the kids are in bed and we are not working on homestead and house projects. 

This little maple leaf is just my third watercolor and I think it is good enough to share. It is on a lightweight 90 lb paper so it buckled a little more then a heavier 140 lb or 300 lb watercolor paper, but still worked out well.  

Thanks Phil!