About Me

I started this blog to share my experiences with traditional skills.  These range from woodworking to blacksmithing.  There are plenty of blogs out there on woodworking but not as many on blacksmithing or other traditional crafts.  There also does not seem to be many blogs that deal with various forms of old world crafts, so I thought that I would share my varied interests here.

I started doing woodwork with my father as a young boy.  He taught me a lot of skills relating to woodworking and construction that a lot of people my age did not learn.  He also had an interest in metal work, however he did not do much in that craft.   He did however help me make my first arrowhead when I was about 10 years old.

As a teenager I started working on a lot of projects and got interested in more traditional ways of doing them.   I started making traditional bows and arrows like the Native Americans did.  I really enjoyed making things with period correct tools and leaving the electric tools behind.

Later while living in Alaska I started spending a fair amount of time learning blacksmithing.  I started making some of my own tools such as chisels and so forth.  The blacksmithing craft is a very good skill to know because it is the only one that makes all the tools for the rest of the crafts.  To me, being able to combine blacksmithing with green woodworking is the ultimate in traditional skills.

Recently I began getting into green woodworking.  This is a craft that is much more traditional than modern woodworking.  Again this type of woodworking goes with my desire to toss aside electric power tools for those that people have used for centuries.  “Tim the Tool Man” may have been a power tool guy which is cool, but I am striving to be a man-powered tool guy, which in my opinion is even more enjoyable not to mention more manly. LOL  While I own a lot of power tools I am working towards depending on them less.

So join me in my journey back into time when man and his crafts were more intimately intertwined.  A time when you needed to know more about your craft and develop the long-lost skills to master them.



5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. fenlander1 said:

    Nice blog Dave. I have linked to your blog from my blog now. Keep up the good work :>)

  2. Thomas Blankenship said:

    What ratio do you use to dilute the homemade walnut stain. I have got to try this!

    • I actually never diluted it. I have been just using it as it is. The walnut husks will release their own liquid and this works very well by itself. I had planned to add some alcohol to help preserve it, but decided against it. I have not found the need for it at this point. One thing that I thought about adding to preserve it if I felt the need, was Sodium Metabisulfite. This is used in winemaking for preservation an seems like it would do well in the walnut stain. Good Luck. — Dave

  3. I purchased 2 pocket knifes while on vacation in Alaska last week. They are craved with a fish & eagle with the signature D Sims. I trust this you as your bio doesn’t mention scrimshaw. They are great pocket knifes and will serve as a great memory of Alaska.

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